Artisan truffles
Extraordinary flavors, sinfully delicious; tastes previously only imaginable.
Chocolate Bliss truffles are some of the finest in the world. 98% of my ingredients
are all pure, organic, and fresh. Made in small, fresh quantities, using high grade
chocolate, they are guaranteed to please. I have created numerous blends, with
flavors combined from the familiar to unusual. As they are uniquely hand dipped,
each truffle becomes a one of a kind beautiful delicacy . Truffles are sold
individually, or in boxes of 2 or 4, or thru the
Truffle of the Month. Boxes of 4
include Ashand Assortment, Spice Assortment, Liquor Assortment, Holiday
Favorites, and Aphrodisiac love truffles. New flavors are always in the kitchen.
Aphrodisiac Love truffles       
I have combined organic herbs used for aphrodisiac effects. The milk chocolate
truffle has saw palmetto, damiana, and kava kava, suggested to enhance women's
experience. The dark chocolate truffle has maca, ginseng, and ginko, suggested for
men, although your taste buds will be your best guide.  
These tasty morsels are mild enough for children in need of a loving attitude
adjustment and can enhance your loving relationships
New flavors available:
Peanut Butter, Bleu Cheese, Maple Pecan, Cardamom Orange, Truffle Truffle,
Elderberry, Rosemary Lavender, Bacon Maple, Cashew Curry, Butter Pecan,
Lavender Cardamom Lemon                                                            
These flavors will be available in this years
Chocolate Bliss
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